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"Your works are fantastic. Your art in your studio feels like a flower garden." - Prof. Dr. Ulrike Gauss, Art Director, Culture historian, Museum of Modern Art, Stuttgart


"This exhibition is the most perfect and aesthetic that I have ever seen here.” - Georg Fundel, CEO Stuttgart International Airport


"I have been looking for a very long time to find something truly new in the Modern Art. I have found it here. It is the beauty and aesthetic in Ulli's art." - Rudolf Greiner, Art Historian and Gallerist


"Your art is very impressive.  I frequently have found modern art to not be aesthetic, just an attempt to be different. Yours however is very aesthetic and I was very much attracted to it." - John Goodwin, President and Publisher - Galaxy Press


"Ulli, I love your art very much. It is all envisioned and created at such a high level; very different, very "outside the box". You are a great artist. Just beautiful!" - Trish Duggan, Art Collector and Philanthropist



"From the Medicis to the Maharajas, art has always been collected and commissioned. In this essay I salute some of the people who have stood out over the centuries and have collected art, not for fashion, but passion. The sheer power of art will hopefully convert many of them into the passionate collectors and commissioners we have been fortunate to have in our country in the centuries gone by." - Nitin Bhayana, Art Collector



The best collections were generally built at the time the artists were alive. I enjoy meeting the artists. Every artist is unreasonable, because he or she is doing something that hasn't done before. Ideas..more than money...are the real currency for success.” - Eli Broad, Art Collector



"Pieces come and go, they are like memories for us. Evert work is connected with something, a feeling, a place, a cetain time. And with our memories and experiences, the collection grows. It's a variety of our subjective personalities."  - Christian Boros, Art Collector



CONTACT THE STUDIO:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.