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Corporate Commissions

ulli kampelmann art 47-47
ulli kampelmann art 2-2
ulli kampelmann art 25-25

Light Sculptures

ulli kampelmann art 104-104
ulli kampelmann art 107-107
ulli kampelmann art 110-110
ulli kampelmann art 127-127

Pools and Spas



"The artist brings the sky into the room. Kampelmann's artwork in this clubhouse inspires enthusiasm and adds power to the sport, it's create a game of emotion."
Edeltraud Groz
Art historian and Gallerist
"Your works are fantastic. Your art in your studio feels like a flower garden."
Prof. Dr. Ulrike Gauss
Museum of Modern Art, Stuttgart
"I have been looking for a very long time to find something truly new in the Modern Art. I have found it here. It is the beauty and aesthetic in Ulli's art."
Rudolf Greiner
Art Historian
"This exhibition is the most perfect and aesthetic that I have ever seen here.”
Georg Fundel
CEO Stuttgart International Airport

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