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From an early age she was drawn to the arts.

Ulli Kampelmann attended university in Halle, East Germany where she earned her Master of Education degree for art and language. She continued her studies in Educational Philosophy at the Technische Universität Berlin after her escape to West Berlin in 1975.

In 1977 she continued her study of art and design at University of Münster. She opened her first art studio in Stuttgart in 1980.

Concurrently, she lectured extensively on the subjects of art and various milestones in the history of art.
Ulli Kampelmann is unconventional in her view of art for buildings and spaces. She truly does “think outside the box.” As well, it is extremely important for her to build and maintain strong relationships with architects, art collectors and essentially anyone interested in the arts.

Ulli Kampelmann develops innovative means and ways to bring images from the inner world into being. She gathers wavelengths of color, shape and light and conveys them into an art work to provide a hint towards a condition, a mood, or a story. Some of her art forms use light as the essential element; sometimes time is the focus as with her bespoke timepieces, sometimes water is the key element as with her custom fountains. Consistently her works express the feeling to push ahead and think forward.

In 2002, she moved her studio to Florida. Based on her special emphasis on educating she was invited to give seminars and to publish articles about art and art history.

In May 2014, Ms. Kampelmann conceived of Kampelmann Academy and with the technical skills of her husband Steve Van Stone, the concept developed into an online, video-based platform offering aesthetic tutorials to bring about full conceptual understanding of subject with concurrent facility in application of that subject in life.

"Your sculpture in my office adorns and bring joy. The varied play of light and color is a wonder to behold. Your work creates athmosphaere and simultaneously harmony with special effects."
Heinrich Haasis
President Sparkassenverband, Baden Wuerttemberg
"Your works are fantastic. Your art in your studio feels like a flower garden."
Prof. Dr. Ulrike Gauss
Museum of Modern Art, Stuttgart
"I have been looking for a very long time to find something truly new in the Modern Art. I have found it here. It is the beauty and aesthetic in Ulli's art."
Rudolf Greiner
Art Historian
"This exhibition (at the Stuttgart International Airport) is the most perfect and aesthetic that I have ever seen here.”
Georg Fundel
CEO Stuttgart International Airport

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