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Mercedes Benz Headquarters, Stuttgart Germany

Stuttgart International Airport

Clinic Tannheim

President's Office, Landesbank Baden-Württemberg

TV Tower Berlin

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Crematorium Karlsruhe

Daimler Benz

Public Art Introduced to City of Clearwater

Duke of Württemberg's Estate - Golf Clubhouse

Staples German Headquarters

Cafe Krone

Drees & Sommer Project Management

Vierordt Public Baths, Karlsruhe


Bank Berghausen
Bank Berghausen
Bank Söllingen
Bank Knielingen
Bank Knielingen
Bank Knielingen
Bank Karlsruhe
Bank Karlsruhe
Bank Karlsruhe
Bank Karlsruhe

Architects Association Event at Hohenheim Castle

Kuwait Business Town

65 foot long chandelier containing 20,000 blue LEDs laminated into glass installed in the main lobby at Kuwait Business Town in Kuwait City. (Ulli Kampelmann was technical advisor)