Master of Education

Ulli Kampelmann earned her Master of Education degree from the teaching university in Halle, Germany. She knows and can apply all the methods and techniques of Educational Technology and Educational Philosophy. Her studies included a special emphasis on the teaching of Art, the German language, and most importantly, the teaching of professional teachers on how best to teach. She has accepted numerous invitations to give seminars on Art and teaching; she has published educational articles about art and art history in various magazines.

After opening her USA studio in 2002, she was commissioned by a private school to write a complete visual arts curriculum for K-12 students and is currently implemented into a few schools in the USA and Australia. She continued to write educational articles about public art and was commissioned to provide continuing education for architects in the field of public arts projects. Most recently she took up the production of educational films and documentaries.

The underlying theme in her works is her sensitivity for human rights, specifically: a person’s freedom of expression and right to a good education.