ulli kampelmann artist 14



International Airport, Stuttgart

Mercedes Benz Headquarters, Stuttgart

Mercedes Benz and Drees & Sommer, about Stuttgart 21

Drees & Sommer Project Management, Stuttgart – exhibition and lecture

City of Clearwater, Florida – exhibition and lecture

Classic Congress Hotel, Stuttgart

Fresco Modern Art Gallery, Stuttgart

Hotel Intercontinental, Stuttgart

Landesbank, Stuttgart

Central Bank Karlsruhe

Bauer Bank, Stuttgart

Art Convention, Stuttgart

Haagtor Gallery, Tübingen

International Convention, Frankfurt

Parliament building, Baden Württemberg

Hotel Convention, Dubai

Peters’ Showroom, Abu Dhabi

Architect Association, Hohenheim Castle

Liederhalle, Stuttgart

Public Poolbath Leuze, Stuttgart



Bank Berghausen – 2m x 4m sculpture

Bank Knielingen – wall installation

Bank Söllingen – two sculptures, entry hall

Bob & Trish Duggan – paintings

Braschel Family – Wintergarten

Brigitte & Heinz Mochmann – swimming pool

Café Krone, Karlsruhe – glass wall painting, 5m x 3m

Corporate Express Headquarters – multiple works, lobby and showroom

Crematorium Karlsruhe – entry

Drees & Sommer HQ – light sculpture and four paintings

Eiermann Family – two light sculptures, two steles

Eifert Family – entryhall

Eyrer Family – mosaic fountain, wall installation, entry hall

Fountains – approx. 140, to individuals

Glass and ceramic sculptures – approx. 130, to individuals

Golf Clubhouse, Domäne Niederreutin – 2m x 60m roof skylights

Golf Clubhouse, Liebenstein Castle – entry hall

Haigerloch Castle – entry hall

Hajmassy Clinic – two triptyches, one light sculpture

Hans-Dietrich Genscher – Three-panel painting “Diplomacy”

Karlsruhe Central Bank – 40 sq. meters glass wall installation

Königstein Clinic – entry hall

Max M. Kampelman – glass “Book of Light”

Mercedes Benz Headquarters, Stuttgart – 2 partition walls,

Mercedes Benz Showroom, Berlin – sculpture 2m x 3m

Naik Family – seven light sculptures, four paintings, 2m x 3m installation

Paintings – approx. forty in various private collections

Panfilow Clinic – light sculpture and a triptych

President’s Office, Central Bank Stuttgart – light sculpture

Prof. Sommer Family – swimming pool

Province Administration building, Baden Württemberg, Stuttgart – two sculptures

Schuster Family – swimmimg pool

Spannfellner Family – private bathroom installation and partition wall

Tannheim Clinic – 80 sq. meters, multiple works on glass walls

TV Tower Berlin – restaurant wall

Vierordt Public Baths, Karlsruhe – 400 sq meters – multiple works and installations

Wahl Luxury Bathrooms – two spas, three paintings



Other Works

The Complete Visual Arts Education, a complete curriculum for art education. This curriculum is currently implemented into a few schools in the USA and Australia.

In 2004 she was commissioned to provide continuing education for architects in the Tampa Bay area on the subject of public arts projects.

Ulli Kampelmann authored a full-length screenplay detailing the circumstances surrounding her life in and her three successful escapes from East Germany into West Berlin. She produced a mini-documentary about this story called That Damned Wall.

Most recently she took up the production of educational films and documentaries.

Contributing author for Imago, a Tampa Bay area lifestyle magazine. She authored articles titled Ulli on Art for many months

Screenplay written and direction of the educational documentary The Car is Born. For this documentary, she and her husband, Steve van Stone, videographer and editor, won the “Best of the Fest” film award.

The Star, magazine of the Mercedes Benz Club of America, published the article about the first ever long-distance road-trip in an automobile in 1888, and invention of the automobile, based on the interviews she made with Jutta Benz, great-grand-daughter of the inventor of the automobile.