Exhibition in the Stuttgart International Airport

Escapings, a planned feature-length docudrama.

Ulli successfully escaped from East Germany three times. A story full of real life thrilling adventure; her friends encouraged her to have her story made into a movie. So, with the help of her husband Steve, she wrote her story into a screenplay for a full length feature film called Escapings. As an initial project, the couple have begun with a more concise version of the story as a documentary called That Damned Wall. The video for this documentary has been shot and the project is currently in post-production.

After Ulli had escaped to West Berlin for the second time, she longed to see her Mom and siblings again. She could not simply re-enter East Germany without being imprisoned so she concocted a scheme to borrow a passport from a person who looked like her and use that passport to sneak back behind the wall. She chanced across an actress named Annette Kluge who heartily agreed to help. Ulli’s Christmas day visit into East Germany to see her Mom and her third successful escape was all made possible by Annette’s generosity.

Annette and Ulli present day.
Ulli and Annette

That Damned Wall

The Car Is Born Documentary

In 1885 Carl Benz invented the automobile. But the Kaiser and the church were against his invention so he was stumped and stopped driving. So his wife stole his car and made the first ever long distance road trip after which his invention became popular and initiated the age of the automobile.

The Vision of Hans-Dietrich Genscher, Vice-Chancellor of Germany 1974-1992


Hans-Dietrich Genscher is the former Vice Chancellor of Germany who was integral in the reunification of Germany in 1989. In 1952, when he was 25, he escaped from his hometown of Halle, East Germany to West Berlin and not long thereafter became involved with the FDP, The Free Democratic Party, a classical liberal political party in Germany. He spent his entire political career determined to reunite Germany within his lifetime and he succeeded. (Ulli herself is also from Halle and also escaped to West Berlin when she was 25.)

Secret Salvation

In 1983, US Ambassador Max Kampelman (no relation to Ulli) was given a secret mission by President Ronald Reagan to negotiate the release of Jewish political prisoners being held in Siberian prison camps with the Soviet Union. As a result of his diplomacy, one million Jews were released and secretly flown to Tel Aviv by the Soviet government. This is his story.

What the Heck is Art?